Team building and leadership for
multinational corporates through music

Suzi, her conductors and musicians performed a miracle for us when they brought together three choirs of 60 colleagues and in under two hours coached them in three sung and danced medleys of Abba, the Beatles and Gangnam Style before an audience of 2,500. Suzi and team turned up the emotional pitch and united us all. It was an extraordinary moment. As for the singers, they bonded with colleagues they didn't know, achieved something they knew nothing of when they awoke that morning and of which most did not think themselves remotely capable. For them it was a transformative experience.

CEO, The Pictet Group
Singing4Success works closely with its clients to create singing workshops that help brilliantly to dissolve silos and barriers in the workplace.

We run inspirational singing-based workshops of between 40 minutes and a full day, using one or more world-class practitioners and working with groups of up to 100. The ideal size of each group is thirty. The ideal length of workshop is three hours. We can run two or three of these concurrently, culminating in a performance or 'Sing-Off' in which one group performs for the others.

We take the delegates through a steep learning curve, using our methodology and process developed by internationally renowned conductor, music educator and TV judge, Suzi Digby OBE over 20 years. This learning curve levels all delegates and engages them on a fascinating journey through what it takes to become a functioning musician and member of a choir. The beauty of our methodology is that it is suitable for a completely mixed-ability group: from those 'reluctants' who perceive themselves as 'tone deaf' to the confident singer.

After one session, a group of 20 to 30 can be singing in seven-part harmony. Then the 'result' is analysed with a mediator and the learning 'un-picked' and linked to effective team-work and leadership in the workplace. We use song material from many cultures, representing many styles.

The workshops are fun, engaging, challenging and highly effective. 90% of the workshops involve developing listening skills and playing to the strengths and away from the weaknesses of the individual participants. The role of psychology in effective team-building is a major focus.

Often clients give little or no pre-warning (to the delegates) of the medium (ie singing) of the workshops. This is because the very fact that it is an 'out of comfort zone' experience for many is its strength, as it necessitates that the entire group understands the nature of learning from a no-skill base.

We travel internationally, often with a single multinational engaging us in several countries. One of our main aims is to 'turn' the hardest cynic!

Taken from research of over 200 delegates in recent sessions for BP, participants attitudes towards an arts-based team building activity more than doubled after the sessions, 82% reported it exceeded their expectation and over 97% considered themselves as one team.
Some of Suzi Digby's past and on-going corporate clients since 1998, up to 2014:
Swedbank | Marks and Spencer | Hogan Lovells International Law Firm | Freshfields International Law Firm | BP Global | National Health Service | Pictet Private Bank
Suzi Dibgy's workshops for Lovells were revelatory. There is no question we learnt to relate much better to each other and to learn, deeply, about good leadership and effective communication. Also, how much of yourself you bring to work...

Partner, Lovells
Suzi Digby has been working with our senior teams since 1998. In 2014, she and her fellow practitioners, among the best in the UK, ran a series of workshops in London and Houston for BP's Senior Management. Her work has become legendary within the organisation

We were on a high for days...

National Health Service